Attention Waco Residents!

This program is for you!

We want to take an active role in welcoming our visitors to Waco and showing them how much we LOVE our city!
We use the pineapple as the mascot for this program about hospitality, overall kindness and encouraging locals to welcome visitors to our great city (see why below)!
You are what makes Waco, Waco! If you see a visitor that needs suggestions, directions or a kind conversation, help them out! You are a part of their memories here!  

So what IS with the pineapple?

  Did you know that the pineapple is recognized as a traditional expression of  "welcome” throughout the South?
It appears on all sorts of décor – including gateposts, door knockers, and fountains. The fruit symbolizes those things we appreciate in a home: warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality. We know the people of Waco, Texas are known for their hospitality and warmth and we're ready to show it!
This program is intended to be fun and highlight kindness so get out there, Waco!
Be a part of our Waco Ambassador program that recognizes Wacoans who reach out to visitors!

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Get the 'Welcome to Waco' song!

Waco's own Holly Tucker wrote and produced an original song for the campaign that really showcases what Waco is about!
Download the song and see for yourself!

It's available on Spotify and Apple Music!

Campaign next phases...

More video features to come, with everyday Wacoans, who represent the heart of our community talk about where they like to take out-of-town visitors.

People you'll see include the following:
Rodney Smith, head coach at University High School, who takes visitors to McLane Stadium
Lovie Langston, who takes visitors (and his grandson Mason) to Cameron Park Zoo
Gloria Harris, who enjoys taking visitors to beautiful Austin Avenue and World Cup Cafe
Tazz Speasmaker, who loves the Dr Pepper Museum, and worked there as a teen volunteer
Others who will be featured include Rachel Pate, Al Saddiq, Dr. Van Allen, Harry Harelik, Stephanie Chavira, Perales Reyeswith more to be scheduled

About the Program from Waco's Own Holly Tucker